Street Graffiti Art of Istanbul

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Is graffiti really art? Most folks think that while Street Graffiti Art stands alone – as an ode to the creative spirit – graffiti on the underhand only serves to pollute the view. I think any effort, sufficiently aesthetic, is a creative outlet. And though the purveyors of these graffiti’s may not suite the definition of artists by the common standards, I think they are artists none the less.

However, there are instances where one is simply puzzled as to why the artist decided to spray that day. One such instance that sticks out is this:

Near Galata Towers

None the less, there is a fair lot of creativity going into these graffities, though I suspect that there is a group who vandalize the vandalizers.

Street Graffiti - 21
Aptly asking the question, Where is The GOAT?

Regardless, the art tends to stand out… I suspect some of the shop owners take pride in the ‘vandalization of their shutters’ – wearing it like a badge of pride.

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